I read a fairly disappointing article recently that seems to indicate that many investors do not want to invest in companies who specialize in brain disorders.

The second fastest way to clear a room of venture capitalists and other investors is to announce a bomb threat or yell “fire.”

But the quickest way is to tell them you are a drug developer targeting traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke, said Harry Tracy, who runs Cardiff, Calif.-based NI Research, a consulting and research firm focused on the neurological and psychiatric therapeutics industry.

In recent years, investors in general have shied away from companies developing therapies for brain injuries and illnesses, except for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, Tracy said.

Unfortunately I think in the future it will become increasingly difficult to get FDA approval for new brain disorder therapies. It appears that our government is moving towards more control of the healthcare market. A universal healthcare system has many benefits over our current system including a reduction in costs. However most countries with a universal healthcare system in place also have a significant reduction in innovation when compared to the United States. The US gets more drug and medical technologies to market largely because the we have a freer market that does not have price controls. So while their is an enormous amount of new technologies being patented, fewer of them may actually get to market in the future.  The FDA has recently made it more difficult to get stuff approved, so investors are much less likely to invest in companies that stand little chance of getting their products approved.

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