The International Neuromodulation Society (INS) has a new conference meeting that will last until December 7th. They will have a variety of scientists who will discuss various neuromodulation techniques that may improve a number of brain disorders. These neuromodulation techniques have the capacity to improve many different types of brain injuries in the future. You can read the press release about this new conference here.

Stroke Rehabilitation. The idea that the adult brain can reorganize to restore normal function after sustaining trauma is well accepted, but the means to achieving such rehabilitation is still a work-in-progress. A recent clinical trial – EVEREST – tested the idea that directly stimulating the brain with electrical signals coupled with classical rehabilitation techniques may speed the recovery of movement. Dr. Robert Levy, a neurosurgeon at Northwestern University in Chicago,will report new analyses of the trial data which suggest that this approach may be successful in some, but not all, stroke victims.

This conference will discuss the new ways of improving conditions associated with brain injury and other brain disorders such as hypoxic brain injury or brain stem injury.   Scientists are increasingly utilizing neuroplastic mechanisms to shape the brain for beneficial effect. They will also talk about new brain imaging methods that will be used to processes for specific brain disorders.