There is an interesting article in the Baltimore Sun about brain injuries being sustained by US troops in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A pretty astounding number of soldiers have suffered from traumatic brain injuries

As many as one in five combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered traumatic brain injuries, and military medical experts believe the concussive force of blast waves has contributed to more than half of those. The damage can accumulate – the result of repeated exposure to explosions at a distance.

These injuries can be devastating to both the individual and the families who have to endure them.  The army, though, is keen on finding ways to repair damage associated with wartime wounds.

A key component of the initiative is to harness stem cell research and technology in finding innovative ways to use a patient’s natural cellular structure to reconstruct new skin, muscles and tendons, and even ears, noses and fingers, Casscells said.

I think eventually this may even mean repairing brain damage through the use of implanted stem cells.

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