You can read another interesting article entitled “Protecting the brain from spiral of damage”.  It discusses about the staggering number of soldiers who have currently sustained brain damage.  It also talks about ways to diagnose and prevent brain injury.  New methods of imaging may allow researchers to better detect brain damage in the near future.

Trouble is, the damage isn’t always easy to spot.

But diffusion tensor imaging, a type of MRI, could change that by showing doctors the individual axon pathways.

The article mentions several new compounds that researchers are studying that may be neuroprotective.  These compounds may be used after a person has undergone a traumatic brain insult.

There are several compounds being investigated as possible neuroprotectants, Harvard’s Zafonte said, including progesterone, the female sex hormone, and cyclosporin, an immunosuppressant drug usually used in organ transplant patients.

Zafonte is one of the principal researchers for an ongoing clinical trial of citicoline, a type of stimulant. He said his study has been promising, showing signs that citicoline might both protect and restore neurons. Zafonte said his team has plans to publish preliminary results soon.

I think these new tools will be extremely helpful to the millions of people who currently have these types of injuries.

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