The USA Today has a good article about the miltary’s attempt at detecting brain damage among its troops at an earlier time.  Brain trauma may affect an astoundingly high 320,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  The Pentagon is finally systemically screening soldiers for these traumatic brain injuries. 

Pentagon initially resisted calls to screen all servicemembers coming out of the battlefield. Under pressure from Congress, the Pentagon in March ordered all military branches to screen for traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This other article also mentions another development in this area.

The Brain Trauma Foundation, with the support of the Defense Department, is developing a handheld eye-tracking device that will enable military personnel to determine within seconds — on the battlefield — if a soldier has been subjected to traumatic brain injury.

I think in the future, doctors will be better able to diagnose brain trauma. This may allow much better treatment of these often disabling wounds.

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